Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old School, Rocky Horror, Volunteers Wanted and November Schedule

Old School this Friday!

First, this Friday is Old School night at PLAGUE!
DJs Rev. Benjamin Powers, Scavenger, Doomsday Jones spin the classics!


Rocky Horror Live!

Then on Saturday, join us for a live stage performance of Rocky Horror at the Portland Players!
Ths is an unofficial event so you're on your own to get tickets. Just thought it would be fun to get a crew together!
Show time is 8pm and the box office is open 4-6pm M-F. There will probably be tickets at the door as well.
For more info about the show:


WANTED: Volunteers to host theme nights!

Our dear friends Joie and Roxy have done a kickass job with theme nights for the past 2 years or so but with tougher schedules and out-side life issues, they'd like to cut back to doing a theme once a quarter.
So it seems like a great opportunity to bring in some fresh ideas and hands! If you or your crew of friends would like to run some theme nights, let Amy know!

How does it work?

- You will be responsible for running 4 theme nights a year. The dates may move around due to some long standing parties (Men Without Pants, etc.) but plan on one a quarter. Usually the 3rd Friday of the month is a theme night.
- You will be responsible for choosing a theme, buying and decorating the club, offering any contest prizes, bringing in movies you would like to show, arranging for performers, and whatever else would make it a fun night!
- You will be remimbursed for expenses up to a limit ($20-$30).
- You may recommend a DJ that would work well for that particular theme. (Amy has final say due to scheduling.)
- You should have your idea formulated about a month ahead so that an online flyer can be made and Amy can make arrangements. BONUS if you can make your own flyer OR provide an image for one. DJ Pet has been comissioned to make flyers so don't sweat it if you can't come up with one.

Questions? Interested? Please ping amy at gothic maine dot com.


Remaining November Schedule:

11/13 - Old School - DJs Rev. Benjamin Powers, Scavenger, Doomsday Jones
11/20 - ZNUH, Neith, 8-Bit, Chasm
11/27 - Book signing for "From the Shadows" - Dehuman8, Neith, Bullet Bill (9-10pm debut!)


PLAGUE - Every Friday!
@ The Asylum, 121 Center Street, Portland, Maine
21+, 9pm-1am, $4 - free before 9:30
No enforced dresscode although theme attire is encouraged.

More at -

Gothic Maine - keeping it spooky in vacationland

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